Tips To Make Breastfeeding Work

Although breastfeeding is among the most natural acts in the world, it will still take practice. There is still a need for new mums to learn how to hold as well as support their baby in a very comfortable position.

Finding the right position that will work both for you and your infant is indeed well worth the effort. Besides, both of you will spend hours each day breastfeeding.

Time-Tested Breastfeeding Positions To Try

Cradle – This will require you to cradle the head of your baby with the crook of your arm. You have to sit in a chair with supportive armrests or perhaps on a bed with plenty of pillows. After that, rest your feet on a stool or other raised surface in order to avoid leaning down toward your baby. Hold her in a way that his face, stomach, and knees are directly facing you. As for his lower arm, place it under your own. To support his spine, neck, and bottom, you have to extend your hand and forearm down her back. Also, secure his knees against your body. This is considered the best position for babies who were delivered normally.

Cross-over or Cross-cradle – The difference of this position with cradle hold is that your arms will switch roles. When you are nursing from your right breast, you have to use your left hand and arm to hold your baby. His chest and tummy must face you directly by rotating his body. Guide his mouth to your breast by placing your thumb and fingers behind his head and ears. This hold will work well for infants or small babies who have trouble latching on.

Football or Clutch – In this position, you have to tuck your baby under your arm like a handbag or a football. First, position your baby at your side and under your arm. He must be facing you with her nose level and his feet pointing to your back. With your hand, support your baby’s neck, head and shoulders. And with a C-hold, guide him to your nipple, chin first. Be reminded though not to push him toward your breast so much so he won’t resist and arch his body against your hand. Support his upper back with your forearm. This position is best for mums who underwent a Cesarian section or if your baby has trouble latching.

Reclining – To feed your baby while lying on your side in bed, you have to ask help from someone to place some pillows behind your back for support. Also, put a pillow under your head and shoulders. Place another pillow in between your bent knees. Your main goal is to keep your hips and back straight. Let your baby face you, draw him close, and cradle his head using the hand of your bottom arm. In case your baby needs to be closer to your breast, you must place a pillow under his head. You might need to lift your breast so he can reach it comfortably. This position is best if you are recovering from a Cesarian or if sitting up is uncomfortable for you.